Barx Buddy Review – Find out if it works or NOT?

Every lonely person feels that he needs a companion. The companion need not necessarily be a friend who was with us and shares food with us. It can also be a pet that we love and which loves us back. The pet animals are the most adorable companion one can have. Among the pets, the one which grabs more attention is the dogs and cats.

They are the best creatures one can choose to stay with. Dogs and cats are much-preferred pets, says the research. The reason why dogs and cats have more attention is that people like the way they behave and most importantly these pets have the ability to learn quickly. Among the pets, dogs have even better behaved when they are taught.


Dogs are man’s best friend is a common saying. This is often said because they learn quickly. But just not this, the most important reason is that dogs never betray his master. When a dog is being brought up from a young age and due to some reasons he may be given to someone else and the two may not meet for a while or so but even when the master returns after years, the dig can remember him.

Dogs and humans are the best companions in life. Their training begins on the day when they are brought. By training, it doesn’t mean to hurt them in any way. It is purely based on the love for them that we teach them to learn new and cute habits. This is usually done to make the pets and the owners happy.

These habits include getting up, sitting down, picking up something, or eating a good from the plate and many more. These activities, when performed by the dogs, are the most beautiful sight one can experience. But sometimes our pets won’t follow what we say. This can sometimes bring trouble to us.

The pets may sometimes misbehave at a when they shouldn’t, But not to worry anymore. To all the pet lovers who face this situation, here is the solution. The Barx Buddy is a device created to control the behavior of the dogs. Sometimes we can’t understand why they bark. Dogs are just like babies, we cannot understand their needs at some part of the time.

We may false calculate their behavior. But it doesn’t mean that each time a dog barks, it indicates a danger. It can be some other reason too. Hence when your dog barks at a time it shouldn’t you have to control it. You cannot just control the uncontrolled behavior of a dog just by saying or shouting. The dogs sometimes need more power and strength to control them. That’s the reason the Barx Buddy was introduced.

What is Barx Buddy?

Barx Buddy is the best electronic-based training device for dogs that are not just effective in their work but also safe for dogs. It helps to train the dogs in order to not bark unnecessarily, and reduce excessive barking. It is really easy to operate and manages to get one’s dog to obey them at the click of a button. It does not impart any kind of physical pain on the dog and only uses ultrasonic frequencies that only dogs can hear. It helps to control the behavior of the dogs, making them obedient and well-mannered.

Barx Buddy is a device, created to control the uncontrollable barking of the dogs. The dogs are usually the best animals that have the best behavior when taught. Dogs once taught a habit to follow them forever. But sometimes the dogs cannot be controlled. To be used for these critical times, the Barx Buddy was invented.

This is a small handheld device that emits ultrasonic waves. It has many control switches. The device emits an unpleasant sound to the dogs. Though this sound is inaudible to human ears it causes disturbance to the human ears. By hearing this sound the dog stops barking. This device is advised not to use in all situations by everyone. People who are well used to the device and can handle it properly can use it for the best results.

How does it work?

The device is a simple and handy device. The device uses ultrasonic waves that are emitted when switched on. The ultrasonic waves now reach the ears of the dogs. When the sound reaches the ears, the dogs feel an unpleasant vibe. And the dogs become uncomfortable. Hence it stops barking.

The device does not harm the dogs. In fact, the sound is so feeble that they are not even audible to human ears. The device doesn’t use any chemical substances for running. It has been the ability to produce an ultrasonic sound which in turn reaches the dogs to stop them from barking. Usually dogs bark when they predict a danger.

But rarely, we get to face situations like they just bark without any reason, maybe because they are happy and they want to express it. But sometimes it turns out that, the bark may be in inappropriate time or in an inappropriate place. Only then the device must be used. But this sound is unpleasant to the dogs and may be sensitive to them. This device is highly recommended not to use too often, Because of the high sensitivity.

Sometimes it turns out that this device may not work in some conditions, due to the sensitivity and can cause some other reactions in them too. This device should only be used by the people who are well known to the product. And the other factor is, to use his device as few times as possible. Use this device only in the conditions where you compulsory need to use them, and not quite often.

Barx Buddy Benefits

  • Controls the dogs from barking due to the ultrasonic sound produced by this device.
  • It helps in coming to the dog barks while training them. Dogs are among the pets which are trained to perform activities. And also because they have the capacity to learn them. This device initiates the process by pressing the start button when the dogs bark and releasing the button when they stop barking. This device is the best way to train dogs. You can even choose to stop using this device when the practice is under complete control.
  • The scientific fact says that humans can perceive the sound of about 20 Hz to 20 kHz. And also the dogs can perceive the sound of about 15 Hz to 120 kHz. This means the dogs can hear about 10 times sharper than humans. The Barx Buddy is also a device that produces an ultrasonic sound of 25 Hz which is audible only to dogs and not humans. Hence the sound produced is suitable for all kinds of dogs and on the other hand does not harm the dogs not humans in any way.
  • This device is best suited for outdoor activities. Hence it comes with a wrist handle that you can keep in your hand and use it quickly when you need it. As the device is provided with a handle it reduces the pressure of holding it in the hand for a long time.
  • The Barx Buddy runs with the AAA batteries. And hence it is easy to use and reuse. The Barx Buddy can be of a long life as it runs in the AAA batteries and also the device comes with 4 batteries when you buy it.
  • It is a common saying that what you once teach a dog can never be forgotten. But teaching a dog go control barking is the most difficult task. But this device allows you to achieve even a difficult task. The device is ergonomically designed and hence the once taught features are going to be forever.

Is it recommended?

This device was invented to give your dogs the best experience of learning. This can be achieved easily through this device. Hence it is highly recommended for all pet lovers who wish to give their dogs the best experience.

When asked about this device to the users one person mentioned that his puppy which is only 3 months old was not able to hear the sound but the other dog which is older could hear the sound and respond very quickly. Yes, the device is actually not advised to use for the dogs under 6 months.

BarxBuddy Reviews

Another user feels that Barx Buddy is the best device he has ever used. And it was the best device to teach his dog. He even feels that his dog can now be well behaved without the device itself. 

Yet another person who used this device feels that this device worked very well for her dog. She says that she takes her dog with her everywhere she goes and even in public transports. But sometimes when she travels in public transport she faces the difficulty of stopping her dog from barking but with the device, she can control her dog’s behavior easily. Most of the users who have used this device have highly recommended this. It is safe and useful too.

Barx Buddy Price

The pricing of the device is very cheap and easily affordable to everyone. The pricing of the device is only $39 USD, which is the cheapest among the devices for the training. This money is worth spending on the device for all the pet lovers who love their pets.

This device is easily available in many shops and showrooms. This device has even proved the success of controlling in many conditions. But this device has a sensitive spot for the love of the pet animals and it requires high experience to use it. The Barx Buddy even provides a 12 months warranty. Hence you can trust this device very much.


For all the pet lovers who feel that they have to give the best education to their pets, this can be the best choice. It is proven experimentally and can be trusted. When it comes to pets they are like babies who need additional care. With this device, you can take good care and also provide good talent to your pet.

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