Erase My Back Pain Review – Find out if it works or NOT?

During the older days, only aged people get back pain. Nowadays, our daily work has become digital in front of a computer or laptop. After work, we use our mobile phone. so the entire day we sit in a place and work.

This leads to severe back pain since there is no muscle activity in our body. In this article, we going to see how to get rid of your back pain with a product called Erase my back pain.

What is Erase My Back Pain?

The Erase My Back Pain is one of the therapeutic methods to remove or erase your back pain immediately. This is a digital product with a video guide teaching on a wonderful exercise movement that fixes your core muscles issue.

Erase My Back Pain

This video guide has ten minutes of daily videos so you can schedule and practice the exercise daily. The guide will help you to cure diseases like sciatica torment easily with the daily practice of the given exercise.

The video will be guided by an expert named “Emily Lark” who is also the producer of the video. She will teach a general guide for both men and women to get rid of their back pain easily.

Product Specification:

Erase my back pain has some great specification. The most important one is this product available in paperback as well as email. so you can easily follow the instruction given by the instructor  easily here we list few specs of erasing my back:

  • Mode of Delivery: Both Paperback and  Digital by Mail
  • Paperback Pages: 57 pages
  • Product Dimensions: 6×0.3x 9 inches for paperback
  • Shipping Weight: 3.7 ounces 
  • Language of Instructions: English

What is the reason for its popularity?

There are several reasons for its popularity. The main reason is easy instruction and common basic exercise which can even practice by old people without giving much force.

  • You don’t have to sit and read traditional books for doing this exercise since this product available digitally.
  • It has become popular because of its time-saving footage. Many teaching exercises for hours, which may take your time easily.
  • You can also watch it on mobile, tablet, pc or laptop whenever you get free time. So you need not carry a DVD or a DVD writer with you always.

Is Erase My Back Pain easy to follow?

Erase my back pain video product does not contain any advanced techniques. Firstly, they teach you very easy and important effective exercises so you can follow it simply to get rid of the back pain.

Secondly, this exercise is easy to as  even old age people can do it easily without any issue

Thirdly, the instruction is available in digital hence you can easily repeat the steps and you can pause the video wherever you need so you don’t have to follow normal time-limited tv shows to sit and watch without any break.

Fourthly, erase my back Pain also available in the  form of a paper book with illustration so you can easily learn the steps


 The Erase My Back pain has numerous features. here we list some of its features below :

  • Relieve Stress
  • Lose Weight
  • easy and effective daily workouts
  • lifelong simple exercise
  • Anyone can follow this workout
  • decrease depressions
  • Saves you valuable time and money

Erase My Back Pain Pros

The Erase My Back Pain has few advantages in it. Here we list them below

  • Digital Product:

The first main advantage of this product is, we can watch this product in any device like laptop desktop, Smartphones, even smart tv which supports browsers and the internet. So you can watch the exercise anywhere at any time. once you buy the product, you will get a private link on your mail where you can watch all the ten minutes videos easily.

  • Suitable for All Ages :

This program or digital product does not bound within any age limit men women even old people can follow this guide. There is no difficult instruction to follow which helps you to easily do regular exercise without any pain.

  • Cost :

The price of this program is very less when we compare with the painful operation or surgery and even this program exercise is efficient than medication or drugs.

  • Time :

In this digital world, time is very precious. Technology has been improved to save lots of time. This program helps you to save lots of time, rather than on watching a scheduled exercise program on tv or a one-hour uninterrupted video. This program has a short video that has a maximum run time of 10 minutes per exercise which saves lots of your time.

  •  Reduces Weight :

This program not only helps you to release or erase your back pain it also helps you to reduce your weight gradually without your notice. This healthy exercise helps you to maintain your BMI easily.

  • Money-Back Guarantee:

This product’s second main advantage or pros is that you get a money-back guarantee. where if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product or email them they will give back your money without asking any question.

You have 365 days money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. mostly people don’t return these products as they found it worth every penny. 

Erase My Back Pain Cons:

There are a few cons in this product, which are listed below:

  •  Internet Connection Is Mandatory

In order to follow the instruction, you would require a good speed of internet connection. Else you cannot use your entire course. This is one of its disadvantages.

Nowaday’s everyone has mobile data daily data pack. more or less for ten minutes videos, you would be charged around 300 MB or less if you watch in 720p or 420p hence this not been a major disadvantage of this product.

  • Shipping charge

The shipping charge is another con in this product. This can be easily avoided if you buy the digital copy. More or less paperback and the digital copy has the same price but paperback has a shipping charge and those charges may vary depending upon your locations

  •  Paperback illustrations  are in  Black and white

In paperback, illustrations are in black and white and book format are not easy to follow. This is one of the disadvantages but still, you can buy a digital copy that many of us prefer watching online. Product developer concentrates more on their digital copy quality.

Erase My Back Pain Customer reviews:

Many people say that paperback quality is not worth to purchase as their instructions are not clear and also the illustrations are not in color, they are in grey style or in black and white.

Some people say that this is good sitting in chair exercise or workout which is easy to follow. But few other mention that they don’t have a chair which they use as a sideway that touches their knee to the floor. Another person says that these exercises are not only for back pain but also for general health tips like releasing stress.

Overall you can find this product very helpful. but we always recommend buying their digital guide so you can avoid these difficult situations faced by other buyers.

Erase My Back Pain Price

Due to widespread online marketing, there are many fake sellers who sell the same product at a high price and in low quality or even they cheat you after paying . so we always recommend to purchase from the official site. We also provide the official site link in this article.

Here we list the price of the product with their offers. these offers may subject to change so we recommend you to check with the official site simultaneously.

Erase my back pain has running a time-limited offer on their page.

They providing product in  two-mode of delivery :

Digital download only:

  • 3-Level Back to Life Videos
  •  Companion Manual EBook
  •  Healthy Back Checklist EBook

For the price of $37 with no shipping charge as the digital transfer.

Physical product plus digital download

  • 3-Level Back to Life Videos
  •  Companion Manual EBook
  •  Healthy Back Checklist EBook

Additionally, as a bonus, you will get their paper book with their digital product. For the price of $37 + shipping charge (depending upon the locations)


It does not matter your age or gender even if you’re overweight. this product is perfect for you . as they teach you very easily without doing any complex steps.

Secondly, we recommend you to buy online purchase first, you save shipping charge secondly paper, nowadays we all use digital books. readers like Adobe PDF, Amazon kindle has replaced old-style books.

Hence, they do not focus on the quality of books so you can buy the DVD or watch via Computer without any problem. Finally, if you have too much back pain first we recommend you to consult a doctor then try this product.

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