eWatch Review – Worth the Buy or NOT? Find out!

Gone are those days when watches were purchased with the sole intention of being aware of the time. During the bygone era, people used to imagine and even discuss ‘what if watches got other facilities like tracking your routine and attending calls?’ None of them knew that these situations are going to come true someday.

With such an active lifestyle nowadays, a normal watch doesn’t even suit a person. They are always intending to get the majority of the facilities in a single watch. Looks like their wishes, as well as aspirations, have finally become true with the help of eWatch.

It is a smartwatch that hails with a plethora of compatible services and specifications that you wouldn’t have even imagined before. People who want to buy this commodity are highly confused and worried about does this watch offer worthy value? If you are one of them, have a look at the report on this product showcased by us.

About eWatch Smartwatch:

eWatch is a ‘one of a kind’ smartwatch that is used as more than just a normal watch. It is because this smartwatch has the ability to control your health as well as fitness. It can monitor your heart rate, sleeping pattern, no. of steps, pulse and even the blood pressure.


It looks like a normal watch and you need to wear it on your wrist. This Smartwatch contains Retina HD Touch Screen that is way too compatible with Android as well as iOS smartphones.

What’s so good about eWatch Smart Watch?

There are many reasons which distinguish eWatch from other fitness bands and smartwatches prevalent in the market. It has a wide variety of applications and while using it you would notice some ordinary functions like calendar alerts and alarm. But you must know that this is not the end. Here are some of the other reasons that prove eWatch Smart Watch as a highly favorable commodity:

  • Step-counter
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Sleep monitor
  • Activated GPS along with anti-lost function
  • Works with both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Power saving mode

The above-mentioned list is just an introduction to the functions that this smartwatch plays. However, these stand as the most important ones that you would definitely need and stay satisfied with while using eWatch Smart Watch.

There are many other activities that you can perform with the help of eWatch Smart Watch. Also, it’s quite notable that such a great innovation can also be used by those people who are suffering from any kind of illness.

Key features of eWatch:

Well, not only one but there are many key features associated with eWatch. We are going to enlist them below. Have a look:

  • eWatch is way too easy to use. You just need to connect it to Android or iOS phones and use it without any issues.
  • With the prevalence of electrocardiograms, you’ll be able to check out your resting as well as dynamic heart rates along. With such a great function, you are going to have some control over your heart’s health too.
  • If you are looking forward to having access to the varied menus as well as the settings, you just need to swipe. Not only this, there is a function of voice search available in the eWatch that would help you gain easy access to your applications.
  • Bluetooth would help you out in controlling your phone’s camera, music and other applications with no shortcomings.

Technical facts of eWatch:

This special watch has a lot to showcase. Its technical facts have always been the most important factors responsible for its recognition. Here are some of its features:

  • The Aluminum case is ultra-resistant accompanied by a double-sided glass.
  • Weight of about 99.8g.
  • Size: 100.000,1×30,5×30,5cm
  • If you are sitting for too long, it would remind you to get up again.
  • Notifications on receiving messages and calls.
  • Water-resistant
  • With the help of Bluetooth, you can easily find your phone. For this, your cell phone must be within the specified range. 
  • Tracking your activities with the help of the Activity tracker. These include distance display, time display, calorie consumption, and step display.
  • It requires 1 lithium polymer battery for its functioning. It would have a long battery life.
  • Retina HD touch screen
  • Listen to music and phone calls via Bluetooth.
  • It also facilitates the user with automatic monitoring as well as a silent alarm. It can tell you about the tenure of your deep sleep, awake state, alarm and light sleep.
  • Remote Camera
  • Its lightweight and sleek design would give you no hassle in carrying it.

What is the price of eWatch?

You would just go awestruck on noticing the price of eWatch. It is because comparing the price of eWatch is way too reasonable than the other smartwatches. The cost of the eWatch is just $79.

However, you can also expect high offers and discounts on too when you are intending to buy the same in bulk or 2-3 together. This crazy price can’t just let you stop and refuse to buy this commodity.

From where to get eWatch?

If you are looking forward to purchasing an eWatch, then you can order the same via the manufacturer’s website. This is recommended since it would not only increase credibility but also you can expect huge discounts up to 50 percent or even more on buying the bulk quantity. Apart from that, it would deliver the product to your home for free. Buying an eWatch that has a two-year warranty would be quite beneficial for you but it would ask you for an extra charge.

Why is eWatch easily affordable?

When you compare eWatch with other smartwatches, you might notice that eWatch is cheaper than other equipment. Many people have been wondering about why is this watch so affordable? On seeing its cheaper price, some have started even doubting its functionality. Many people think that it might not be supporting many functions and so, the cost is low. But, that’s not the case.

The reason behind such great affordability of eWatch is that this product never spends on its advertising. This product believes in the positive reviews tell others about the perfection lying in it. Other companies such as Samsung and Apple are always indulged in spending a huge amount on advertising. Thus, they add up this cost to the watches’ price.

Customer reviews and recommendations for eWatch:

Many customers were surprised by hearing the whistles as a notification used to strike from the watch. However, knowing the fact they these watches are preferable for keeping an eye on your overall health, they proved to be very beneficial. The users were satisfied with using eWatch and so they were up for recommending this product to other people too.

The tech-savvy people who were always intending to maintain their health supported eWatch’s usage. For some, this smartwatch also acted as a motivator since with its tracking functionalities they were able to keep an eye on what’s going on the whole day.

The people were also able to monitor their sleep, track their steps and in this way, they got to know that this revolutionary watch is way too helpful for your mind and body. Some users also mentioned that wearing it is a good element of fashion in the present day.

eWatch Reviews

Many have entailed and notified eWatch is a prevalent and very notable addition to the sports program. They were impressed with the technical specifications of this product and due to its perfection, the users started to rate this product with 4-5 stars.

Many people have posted on the Internet that they gifted the eWatch to their loved ones and they undoubtedly loved the surprise. They brought it online and the manufacturer delivered it with no extra charges and that too within the set time limit. eWatch looks wonderful and it has always complemented the fashion statement of the user.

The users found it way too perfect as well as practical. It is because they no more feel the need for taking out the mobile phones from their pockets again and again. They freely enjoyed music and also had access to other applications very easily via Bluetooth.

There was no hassle in connecting it. The entrepreneurs and other people who are working were able to stay benefitted from this watch. eWatch enabled them to answer the quick emails as well as respond to their office colleagues directly with the help of their smartphones.

Final verdict:

eWatch is a revolutionary product that hails with a premium and serves the top-notch functionalities. With this, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your phone with the help of Bluetooth. You just have to ensure that your device is within the range so that it stays connected to your eWatch.

You must definitely get this product and add it to your cart. Its price is way too reasonable and also, you’ll be getting so many functions in a budgeted amount. You can use the eWatch extensively since its battery life is more than enough to keep it working for a few days. Even if you are using it heavily, it has the ability to function eminently for the whole day.

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