Exposure Optics Review – Worth the Buy or NOT? Find out!

When you are watching a sports event or a concert even on the travel you use to have a camera to shot the best scenes. But, what if you can see those concerts and natural scenery near your eye without a camera? Yes, there is away.

There are binocular available to watch distance objects but monocular, help you to hold in one hand and see the distance object easily.

Today, we are going to see exposure optics monocular and its features in detail.

What is Exposure Optics?

Exposure optics help you perfectly on outdoor to see distance objects easily. It also allows you to see miles with a close-up view of our mother nature easily. This also can be clipped with the phone so you can enhance your photograph.

Exposure Optics

This helps to shot the distance object easily with your mobile phone.

Exposure allows you to do manual focus on your camera which helps you to get a perfect shot via your Smartphone.

Exposure Optics Specifications:

This product has some good specification which is listed below:

  • Dimensions: 155 x 70 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens: Fully Multi-Coated BAK4, Waterproof, Fog-proof
  • Exit Pupil: 3mm
  • Eye Relief: 20mm
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm

Why it is so popular?

Exposure optic has many reasons for its popularity. The use of a monocular lens with waterproof as well as fog proof made it one the best monocular for people to buy it.

  • The cost of the product is one of the reasons for its popularity where there are many products with this price that do not have waterproof or fog proof.
  •  It’s zoom capacity as we can able to rotate the focus up to 10X to get the clear vision is another reason.
  • Shipping charge is unavoidable in online marketing but this product does not have a shipping charge so you have to pay. Only the actual price this makes people buy it and made it popular among the rest of the similar product

Is Exposure Optics monocular easy to use?

This product is very easy to use as you have to rotate the adjustable focal length to get a good focal length view and after that, there are no other steps to do and you’re ready to use the product.

Secondly, you can simply connect the product on the mobile camera and mount the mobile phone with a tripod to take your shot easily without worrying about the weight of the lens.

Exposure Optics Features

  • Free Shipping

This product is available for free shipping even you order more than two orders so it’s one of the major features in this product. There is no extra charge for shipping in countries.

  • Can Mount On Mobile Phone

The monocular lens can be easily assembled on the mobile phone specially Smartphone easily. This is one of the major features of this monocular lens. So you don’t have to buy a separate HD lens for your phone. You can use this as a monocular as well as phone lens simultaneously as required

  • 10x magnification zoom

Monocular exposure optic has 10X magnification which allows you to focus object that is 10x distance from your eyesight. You can watch distance nature while you’re traveling by bus. This also helps you to find the nearby petrol buck and other essential details while you travel.

  • Quality design

The design of the product gives you an awesome look so you can have a wonderful lens for your camera with elegant design in it. The quality case also helps you to protect the lens from serious damage.

  • Easy To Use

This product does not require special knowledge to fix or assemble. There are only two steps:

  • Rotate the focus dial until you’re comfortable with how clear your view is.
  • The monocular is compatible with tripods and Smartphone mounts.
  • It Is Also Compatible With Tripods

You can also assemble this product with your smartphone on a tripod to get high-quality footage easily. As the lens has very less weight, you can easily assemble them on the tripod without worrying about the weight of the exposure optic monocular

  • 30 Days Warranty

This product has thirty days of money backup and warranty where if you got any issue or problem with the product, you can return and get a full refund without any further process.


  • Durable External Armor

The external armor provided with the monocular protects the lens and monocular from high damage and gives you good look as well as protective armor from dust and other particles. This armor gives you last longing durable protection for your monocular so it does not get damage even using it for long years.

  • Waterproof

The second main pro of this monocular is it is waterproof. if you want to shoot something inside the sea which is in distance. Nowadays, many cameras including go pros are water resistants. So this monocular also water-resistant which gives you 10X focus inside water itself.

  • Fog proof

This exposure optic monocular is fog proof which allows you to take good photos and allow you to see even in heavy fog time with average vision easily. This does not get affected or stuck during the filming or using in the fog time.

  • Single-Hand Focus

This lens allows you to easily focus the object with a single hand itself. Usually in DSLR due to the weight of the lens, you have to hold with both the hands to get clear focus but this monocular has the capacity of focus easily with the single hand focus mode this is one the main advantage.

  • Money-back guarantee

Exposure gives you a money-back guarantee where you will get thirty days (30) guarantee in this period of time if you are not satisfied with the product, the product developer give you a full refund without asking further questions. But there are certain rules like product damage during shipping, specification mismatch, etc.

If the request is valid they may even repair or replace or even refund the product according to the amount of damage.


  • Available only in online

One of the main disadvantages is this product available only online. you cannot find it offline. So for people who are not aware of how to buy with net banking or PayPal they won’t able to buy it. But, exposure optic has wonderful customer service. They guide you on how to do the transaction easily

  • Average Image quality

The image quality of the product does not have good quality in it. They look average with additional of this lens to it. But this monocular main focus is to view via eye so this does not cause much damage to the selling of product as the monocular view is good as needed.

Exposure Optic Monocular Reviews

Many customers like the compact design of this monocular and its light in weight where they can easy to carry it anywhere. Some people don’t like it because it does not have a lens cap to protect the lens of monocular.

Exposure Optics Reviews

Other says that good for average photos and best for focusing distance object with eyes. One customer says due to monocular it is difficult them to see through it for a long time and its common one is monocular which cannot be avoided.

Pricing Details:

When we looking to buy a new item first thing we see the quality next we see its price. Due to the widespread of online marketing, several fake or similar sellers create a high price for the item and give you low-quality products.

So we recommend you to buy from their official site we also list the price of exposure optic monocular below for your convenience.

  • For one set of exposure, optics monocular is: $47.99
  • For two sets of exposure optics monocular is: $95.98
  • For three sets of exposure optics monocular is: $143.97
  • For four sets of exposure optics monocular  is: $191.96


This monocular is best for viewing via naked eyes rather than mounting on the mobile camera. This will help you to get the distance cricket or hockey match near to your eyesight without using your eyeglass or spectacles easily. There are several monocular lenses available in the market but this one is best for its price. Some have a high price but do not have waterproof others have waterproof but have quality and cost is low.

But this product “exposure optic monocular ” has both it’s available at low cost as well as good quality zoom. One small con is there is no lens cover available for this product. I hope that the manufacturer adds that feature in upcoming days. hope this article helps you to find more detail about this wonderful product. We also listed the pricing of the product below for your convenience.

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