Infinitikloud Review – Worth the Buy or NOT? Find out!

You just can not trust your computers and laptops at this stage. Software crashes, malware, viruses all over the web can be a great problem for you. Moreover, your device could be lost or stolen along with all of your precious data still inside it. This is why having an updated backup of your data history is very necessary. There are multiple platforms and applications available for you to use like cloud storage, one drive storage, Google Drive storage, etc.

Infinitikloud is the device that can be used for getting a data backup from 64 GB to 128 GB. It protects all of your files and folders in it and helps you to restore them in case you need them in the absence of the device. It works like any other drive and looks like just another USB. But let us look at the Infinitikloud in detail.

What is Infinitikloud?

So the flash drive of Infinitikloud comes out as any regular drives and functions just like that. The product has easy accessibility as no complex software is involved. You do not need any cables for connection. Infinitikloud also does not require any special subscription or payment for accessing all of its stores.

It can back up photos, videos, music as well as any other documents. The stick has a slider function to it which you can use to slide the stick in or out depending on whether you are using it or not. Sliding it in would protect it from dirt and water.


The USB type of this product is USB 3.0 and it is a compatible port for USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0. The reading or writing speed of the drive is around 100 MB/s. It comes with a Built-in Infinitikloud software, which needs activation with included product key. The product comes with a normal USB B connection which is generally used. However, for newer devices, it also comes with an adapter for USB C ports. Moreover, it is also compatible with Mac as well as Windows.

Infinitykloud is a great way to backup all the files on the computer and saves them from viruses and other malware. With no extra software to be downloaded, it plugs into the computer and plays right away, allowing one to save all their important files and documents on this device.

Rather than copying the files, this device will scan the computer for all the available files and folders and save then in the exact same organized way, thus revolutionizing the backup and restore process. Backup, restore and transfer has never been this easy.

How Does It Work?

Its working is really simple. There is nothing complex in its working that could require the help of a professional. It is easy to handle and can store almost all the extensions of images, audio, and video. It works in very easy steps given as follows. It works in a very cost-efficient way. You just have to purchase this product once and not like other online applications that need a renewed payment every month or year.

So the first step is to plug the Infinitikloud in your devices. It could be a computer or laptop or even a mobile phone. All you have to do is plug it in the right port and grant it access to your device’s files.

Next up, you have to open the file manager on your respective devices and open the drive. When you do this, the drive will give you a thorough tutorial upon its usage if you are a first time user.

After this, you just simply have to click on the ‘start’ button and the drive will automatically back up your files. You also get a choice to modify the things you want to be backed up in the drive. For example, some might want only the important files to be backed up while others would just want their playlists or pictures. You can select it for yourself according to your choices.

Infinitikloud Benefits

It is very easy to use. It comes in a very compact size and hence is very portable. You can take this anywhere along with you. It is compatible with Mac as well as Windows which makes it a very dynamic device.

Since it also comes with an adapter for USB C port it increases its market even more. It can be used with any desktop or laptop.

No complicated working procedures are involved here. You only need to plug the Infinitikloud in. You do not have to install any additional software or players for it to work. Moreover, the working procedure is also very simple. It automatically backs up all of your selected data in just a few clicks.

InfinitiKloud Reviews

You don’t have to worry anymore about lost data due to any reasons. All you have to do is set up a regular time for backups and make sure that the Infinitikloud is plugged into your devices at the mentioned times.

One of the major advantages of Infinitikloud is that it recognizes and distinguishes your files accordingly. It reads your data and not only just backs it up but also alters it and arranges it in a systematic way.

Is It Recommended?

Of course, it is recommended. There is no reason to not recommend Infinitikloud to anyone. It provides so many great functions in such a small stick. Infinitikloud is so much less work and so good benefits. You will find thousands of positive reviews on the official website of its manufacturers. Most of the devices available for backups end at a storage capacity of 36 GB but Infinitikloud brings you a whole lot more.

In addition to this, you can find many of the other sticks breaking down easily as its construction is not as proper as the Infinitikloud. With this new design and development of Infinitikloud, you get a good quality backup with a device that actually has a good life span.

However, it is technology and technology can always break down. No one can guarantee you the invincibility of this flash drive but it is surely more robust and built in a careful way when compared to the other flash drive devices available. However, to rely only upon one method of backing up is also not recommended. You should also have a back up for your back up.

Infinitikloud Price

The prices for Infinitikloud are seen varying on different websites. The actual price for this product which can be trusted is only the one that is given by the manufacturer. It is recommended that you purchase this product only from the manufacturer’s official website in order to avoid counterfeits. Infinitikloud device has a separate website for its upgraded version which has a storage capacity of 128 GB.

The price for the upgraded version is $89.99 Where’s for the storage capacity of 64 GB one has to pay $49.99. You also have to pay additional shipping charges which are approximately $9 which comes off as a surprise when compared to the lightweight object. Anyways, comparing the pricing of this flash drive to other software which could be used for backing up our files, this is definitely a cheaper option.

The actual website of Infinitikloud also gives a 30-day guarantee for this product. You can send the product back in its original packaging if you feel unsatisfied with its working. You will get a 45% discount if you buy 2 products at once and a 50% discount at the purchase of 3 products.

Also, if you purchase the product from the official website of its manufacturer, you might get free shipping too. You would also get certain sales and discounts if you catch them on time. However, to avail of all of these benefits, you should avoid ordering Infinitikloud from any other websites than the official one.


So as a final verdict I would like to say that Infinitikloud would be a practical investment. Rather than paying monthly or yearly for an online purchased software, you can invest in this product once and for all and then use it for the long term. Infinitikloud gives you both the storage options of 64 GB as well as 128 GB spending on your requirements.

There are also certain discounts on bulk orders. You may find multiple similar products online, but the major advantage of Infinitikloud is that it comes with built-in background software.

Other online websites selling similar products at cheaper rates are mostly just fine replicas of the main product and might not give results with as much accuracy. Infinitikloud should at least be given a try once. If displeased, you also have a return guarantee. So there is no reason to not try it out for once.

It is a very necessary tool and a really perfect one at that. It literally provides you with everything that it can in one single stick. It is really important for everyone to have a backup of their data in one way or the other and according to me, Infinitikloud is the best way to go.

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  1. The screen on my MacBook pro has stopped working. Would the infiniti kloud device be able to extract my data? and would I be able to download the data to a windows pc?


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