InvisiCharger Review – Find out if it works or NOT?

Today’s life is considered for rabbits and not for a tortoise. Working accurately as well as rapidly is considered to be a quality in every person. In this fast forward world, the devices you use should also be working at a lightning speed to keep you stay with the world. But, there are two sides to a coin. If a device has good performance in terms of speed then it’s battery capacity is less and this is a fact.

We cannot compromise battery with speed so we always go for speed. Now, the question arises for battery life so we arrange many solutions to it. We charge our devices twice or thrice a day, carrying a power bank is also an option but still, there is a problem in carrying the charging cables.


Imagine if you are in the middle of a presentation which is working on your phone and the battery dies out carrying the cable in a meeting can look very embarrassing sometimes. So what to do now? Wireless chargers also need long wires to be attached. To overcome such a situation InvisiCharger has done a fabulous work. It is a product that charges your phone anywhere without even a piece of wire.

InvisiCharger is a Qi-powered charging base that can help to turn any surface into a wireless solution. It can help to create a charging station free of any cables, thus helping to keep the space free of clutter. The induction coil is also long-range, thus providing the ability to charge without needing any cables.

The Qi-charger is also much powerful than other charges, giving the ability to charge much faster. This charger also works with a variety of devices, so that there is no issue on the compatibility front. It also has a reusable adhesive that makes it easier to stick to a particular surface without causing any damage to the furniture.

What is InvisiCharger?

Wireless charging is the new generation of charging. InvisiCharger is the new generation of wireless charging. It is a QI powered circular charging base which turns any piece of wood into a charger. It has to be installed underneath any tabletop surface. No visible wires are needed for this device.

It has a long connectivity range induction coil that supports charging your device without any pads or wires. once installed underneath a surface. The intensity of charging the device is increased by 5x the other wireless charging takes. Charging wirelessly helps you reduce the level of wire lying on the surface reducing the dust level and this charger is under the table without very less visible wires. It supports wireless fast charging on not only wood but also quartz, granite, glass and plastic with thickness up to 32mm.

The invisible charging base is provided inside the box. It holds your workspace dust-free and clumsy free. Not only this but it also possesses the feature of splashproof. Installing the charging base is very simple as you only have to stick it above the place whose underneath the InvisiCharger is installed and it starts its work.

InvisiCharger has the compatibility of charging over 150 Android and iOS smartphones. There are no signs left by the base or the charger once removed. You can not determine whether there is a product installed there. It is a stylish wireless charger.

Generally, wireless chargers are very expensive and looking to features of this product can also be expensive but it is not. The adhesive used in this product has a long-lasting sticking ability and will never damage your furniture. Some wireless chargers are prone to work for a limited period.

Companies don’t even provide paid service to fix it but this company has the service available. We can redeem this service by paying just $14.70. Buying it can cost you only $80 which makes it the cheapest in cost and premium in a quality wireless charger. 

How does it work?

Wireless chargers when got out of the box need some time for setting as most of them are complicated but InvisiCharger is the simplest working wireless charger. The InvisiCharger has to be installed underneath a surface then plug in the charger and it starts working.

InvisiCharger Reviews

It has a reusable adhesive that helps you in sticking where ever you want in a few seconds but such an adhesive product has a set back that it damage your furniture once removed. In this case, it is not at all a problem. The charging base possesses the same property. It starts working as soon as applying it which is a unique quality. 

InvisiCharger Benefits

Today is the generation of rapid as well as wireless charging. Many companies have successfully made the product but have some of the other drawbacks. InvisiCharger is not one of them. It has features that make it different from them. Some of them are rapid charging, portability, easy to install, price-efficient, easy to use.

Regretting after buying this product has a very low chance. A device whether it is a smartwatch, Bluetooth earbuds can be charged with this device if it is compatible with Qi charging.

Charging your device with cases is also a feature of this charging depending upon the thickness of the surface. The charging base can be utilized to increase the charging range and if you have the issue of alignment of the base and charger then InsiviCharger has your back. It has two alignment magnets to ease the aligning process.

Over 150 smartphones iOS and Android both are compatible with this wireless charging. A product made to use after unboxing. There is a danger of water spilling but you need not worry as it is splash-free. The pricing and quality of this product are liked by many people. Such a great product available at such a low rate is the best feature of it. The company has a good reputation in the market. 

Is it recommended?

Every product has some of the other drawbacks but finding drawbacks in this product is next to impossible. It is recommended not only by customers but also by technology freaks. Products possessing such features are very less. The recommendation of products is also done based on the company’s ratings and service and this company has the score in it as it is one of the best service provider companies in this case.

The company provides lifetime protection and warranty for the product at just $14.70 which ensures that you never have a problem in the mere future with this device and if you have then it is on them. The price of this product is an attraction for buying it. Recommending it is one of the best decisions. 

InvisiCharger Price

Such premium products are priced at a premium cost but this product does not come in that category. They also offer many discounts as you increase the quantity of product to buy. If you buy one product, it can cost you $133.32, but after a discount of 40%, it will cost you $80.

If you buy two products, it can cost you $266.63, but after a discount of 45%, it can cost you $147. If you buy three products, it can cost you $399.95, but after a discount of 50%, it can cost you $66.66. 


While buying a product, you should always consider knowing the companies before and after-sale service, ratings, and reputation. It can determine whether the product will stand on the promised stated by the companies. Many companies do not compromise on performance by price and so they make expensive products.

No doubt, the quality of these products is great but price matters to everyone. Looking at this concern, InvisiCharger is made with top performance but for a lesser price. You will never regret buying this product as the company promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you take the lifetime protection pack of $14.70 for your InvisiCharger your device will be protected for a lifetime.

Durability is one of the features customers look for in each product they are likely to buy. People prefer wireless charging to reduce the level of clumsiness but still many wireless charging only works on wires. InvisiCharger has a different maths in this. It works with wires that are not visible.

It also has Qi powered technology which can charge your device 5 times faster than the normal wireless charger charge. Price is the most important factor while buying any product. Companies having high market value price their product for double the actual price of the product. This is the mentality of different companies not of this as this product is priced moderately.

It is priced at just $80 which is the lowest price for such a product. Buying this product will be one of the best decisions taken by you. So what are you waiting for an embarrassing incident to happen while important moments? Get a new InvisiCharger and charge up your phone faster than normal so that you are ready faster than normal. 

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