Livewave Antenna Review – Worth the Buy or NOT? Find out!

There were times when people had no means of electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets are the new inventions of new technology. During the earlier days, children play games outside actively but today children are so into mobile phones. A bit earlier students used to watch television after coming home from school or during the vacations.

But today children don’t even care about the television. All they need is a mobile phone. But this is an unhealthy habit and every parent is taking the initiative to change that. There are many channels in the television industry too which are taking initiative in creating programs that interest the children, to make them watch television rather than playing mobile games.

Television is an important part of everyone’s life and hence we should know to treasure it. Today very few people watch television, due to the introduction of many gadgets like mobile phones and tabs.  Other electronic gadgets are not bad but still, they make a person so addictive to it.

But television is the best choice for everyone because it can bring people together. Watching television with the people we like is a special gift. And it has so much fun in it. Only children nowadays don’t know about watching TV together.

Livewave Antenna

There were good old days when people enjoyed girl’s night watching movies on the television over the whole night chatting and laughing together and also days when boys used to watch football matches over the nights. But today people rarely watch television. And many people don’t even know the importance of television and its value is getting lesser every day.

Hence to make television more valuable and increases its importance, many new inventions on the television are being done.  Earlier there was only one television which was big fat and had a normal screen. But today there are many new inventions on the television like the LED televisions, smart TV’s, HD TV and many more.

There are TVs which have curved screens which give us a livelier feel while watching. Now that there are many new inventions of televisions there is still one thing that is missed out, the connection. There are many new and improved ways of TV connections in every house. Earlier there was only one channel on the TV which had different programs at different parts of the time and everyone watched only that.

But today there are millions of options on the fingertips. We can watch what we want at any time. But the only disadvantage of that is the high cost of having better programs. That is the main reason the Livewave Antenna was introduced. The Livewave Antenna can make our lives easier now and now everyone will watch TV.

What is Livewave Antenna?

The Livewave Antenna is the latest introduction to the television. The Livewave Antenna helps us to enjoy all the benefits of watching television, movies and many more. It is the latest and best choice for this generation.

People always worry about spending a lot of money for cable connection, dish, or the setup box connection and it has also become a necessity of paying extra money for the HD quality, but not to worry with Livewave Antenna, this Livewave Antenna fulfills our entire wish of watching all the channels which interest us and in HD quality and most importantly for free.

Many people are changing to the Livewave Antenna due to its numerous benefits. Even children who don’t watch TV will start watching TV because we can watch all the channels without any problem.

How does it work?

The Livewave Antenna is a simple device that can perform interesting functions. The device is very simple looking. It consists of antennae which thin, black in structure. The antennae are then connected to a small amplifier that has the connector to it this connector is either fixed in the setup box for the normal smart TV’s and for the HD TV’s it is connected directly to it through a plugin case. 

The antenna receives the signal from the broadcast stations and then with the signal the TV can be operated. The installation of this cable does not even take five minutes. It only takes about 2-3 minutes. It is just like connecting a headphone to a mobile phone.

The working of the Livewave Antennae is very simple. After this connection, the TV can work perfectly fine. Unlike the normal cables which require a lot of time for its installation, this is very simple and super fast.


The Livewave Antenna gives you a number of reasons for buying it. Below are a few reasons saying why you can’t miss this out.

  • The Livewave Antenna is a free antenna connecting cable which allows you to watch all the channels for free. There are some cables which give you free service for a month or two. But this Livewave Antenna is a permanent connection that allows you to watch free forever. You can save more money with this Livewave Antenna. The most important factor about this Livewave Antenna is that it allows you to watch all the channels and even channels like ABS, CBS, etc. and no more extra money to be paid for the HD channels.
  • The Livewave Antenna ensures a strong and high signal frequency. The usual cables may not play some channels due to its low signal strengths, but with the Livewave Antenna, there is no signal problem. This antenna has a signal strength of about 130+ miles and even more. The signal remains strong even after staying far away from the broadcast towers.
  • There is yet another problem with the dish and antennae. It is the problem of fixing it in a place where it can receive the best signal strength. But this Livewave Antenna even solves that problem. You can place this antenna anywhere you feel comfortable and still, the signal strength is very great and good. The Livewave Antenna comes with a 17 feet cable which can extend to very long length as you need. The most interesting thing about this Livewave Antenna is that you can fix it indoors and not outdoors. This would be the best reason anyone would want to buy this Livewave Antenna.
  • There are buttons that help you to have the right frequency of wave you wish to listen to. You can adjust the amplifier length to your convenience. In case you want to listen to channels at the low-frequency range like about 35 miles you can turn on the yellow button which supports that function.
  • Unlike the normal antenna or dish which are made of the same old boring design, this Livewave Antenna is made of a sleek design which is a thin, black and classic design. This design is a new one and can match with the electronics and decors in the house. The unique design of the Livewave Antenna allows you to fix it in a place where you can hide it too. The material of the antenna is delicate and made of soft weight material and hence it is easy to lift or fix or move, unlike the usual antennas which are heavy and require at least 2 persons to lift it.
  •  The Livewave Antenna is ANTI-STATIC and ANTI-LIGHTING. Which means it does not have any impact of shake on it. in case if someone disturbs it or if children, while playing or running around the house, shake it too there won’t be any problem in the signal or the quality of the TV.

Is it recommended?

According to the reviews and the usages, the Livewave Antenna is highly recommended by many people. All the people who have used this have felt this highly useful and have also highly recommended for others too.

  • Among the people who have bought this and used this, a person says that he doesn’t need to spend any more money on cable TV. This Livewave Antenna helps him play all the channels in HD quality without any problem and also the Livewave Antenna plays a number of channels that he didn’t even get with the paid cable. He can get channels for the children and also a news channel for himself.
  • Another person who has used this says that she would have brought many Livewave Antennas even earlier if she had known. But even now she says that this has the best quality and hence she has brought 4 Livewave Antennas for different rooms and she says that she is planning to gift this antenna to her friend too. She says she has brought these many antennas due to its incredible price.
  • Yet another person who brought this says that she could not be more pleased with the Livewave Antenna. She feels that the installation part was the best and it took her only 5 minutes for that.

Livewave Antenna Price

The price of the Livewave Antenna is as pleasing as the features of the antenna itself. The total price of the Livewave Antenna is only $39.95. The price is the most interesting factor in the Livewave Antenna. The usual cables are much more costly to buy and in addition, they require the installation fees and it doesn’t stop there.

Usually, it is necessary to pay money every month to keep the cable running but in the Livewave Antenna, the total price is just $39.95 and it does not require any installation fees too and also there is no need to pay money every month.

The Livewave Antenna also provides many additional features too. The Livewave Antenna provides additional features like a full money refund if the customer did not like the Livewave Antenna within 90 days.  And not just this Livewave Antenna also provides us 24 months warranty. This is what all the customers need and it is provided by the Livewave Antenna.


The Livewave Antenna would be the best choice a person makes for the house. The low price and the forever enjoyment of free channels is the best factor for buying this Livewave Antenna. All the factors about the Livewave Antenna are very inviting and it makes us buy the product.

The installation of the antenna is so simple that even the kids can do it. The only factor which needs to be taken care of in the installation of the Livewave Antenna is that it should not be fixed anywhere near the high power consumption devices. All the features of the Livewave Antenna are benefitting but the most important is the price which makes us buy more than one.

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