PlayBeatz Review – Price, Features, and Compatibility Details

Nowadays the truly wireless earphones are getting a boost as they are very efficient and useful for everyone. There are two categories in these earphones which are expensive with the best quality which means the product is expensive by cost but is made up of good quality material which has a durability of more than a year.

Playbeatz Reviews

And the second one is the product which is cheap by cost but is made up of average quality material which has a durability of not more than 1-2 months wherein eventually getting new earphones quarterly can get you to the price of expensive earphones only.

So it is difficult for a common and average earning man to buy it. But the Playbeatz has a product where you get the best quality for a cheap price. 

PlayBeatz Details

In any type of earphones or headphones strong sound quality and good bass is very important and Playbeatz understands this need and so the new Bluetooth earphones from Playbeatz are equipped with enormous bass and strong sound quality. These earphones are compatible with iOS and Android.

For a company, the most important thing is customer satisfaction. Most of the companies can deliver nice customer satisfaction but those products are expensive. But many companies cannot meet customer satisfaction that every company would like to hear. Some companies advertise for a premium product but are cheap in terms of quality due to which the customers’ trust is broken.

This eventually leads to misconceptions in the mind of customers. Customers do not trust any company once they are misled. But Playbeatz has a record of high rated product and good customer satisfactory reviews. The charging box of this product has a huge amount of battery capacity and the best quality which keeps the box durable. In-Ear Bluetooth earphones are the very quickest product to slip down of your ear. But Playbeatz offers you different materials.

People like listening to songs while they exercise or jog which is very dangerous for the earphones to slip off but Playbeatz has your back for it. Coming on to its technical fact. It has a distance compatibility of 10 m. The charging box has a battery capacity of 500mAh. It takes 1.5 hours to charge to get full charge which gets you an uninterrupted playing time of 3 to 4 hours with 180 hours of standby time. Sometimes earphones are a bit heavyweight which cannot fit in your ears and it slips down.

But Playbeatz earphones are lightweight weighing 4.7 grams each which is as light as a spring. Bluetooth version also matters a lot as the updated version is more and more bugs free. So Playbeatz has considered this point and has made the earphones equipped with Bluetooth version 5. People not only watch videos or listen to audios on mobile phones but they like it with tablets, notebooks, and laptops.

So looking into this concern Playbeatz earphones are compatible with laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks so that you can enjoy music in every medium. The most important feature of an earphone is its sound quality.

Where other companies provide minimal sound quality, Playbeatz product V4.2+ EDR for superior sound quality which is also equipped with noise and echo cancellation for a better sound effect at crowded places so that people can watch or hear their content. High quality integrated chip is introduced in this earphone for better bass and enhancing sound quality.

Connecting the Bluetooth earphones with your smartphone and then using it is a very hectic work but Playbeatz Bluetooth earphones have made this work easy by installing features like automatically turning on and connecting with the smartphone.

Today’s world has become very busy so they require shortcuts in every activity they are doing and so to add shortcuts these earphones can be operated with many shortcuts like answering or rejecting the calls, play, skip and pause the content that you are listening or watching.

These shortcuts are possible not by clicking a button which has become very old fashioned it has touch-control to operate it which is a new design. In-Ear Bluetooth earphones at price as low as $40 can bring up the curiosity to try it on and make them buy one. Not only this, there are many offers if we buy more and more products. Buying this product can never be regretted.

How does it work?

The complication in using one product can lower down the chances of buying it. Therefore companies try to make it easier to use. Playbeatz has also understood this concern and made these earphones easy to get used to it. It is automatically turning on Bluetooth earphone and automatically connecting to smartphones.

There have been many shortcuts provided to us in this product which is answering or rejecting the calls, play, skip and pause the content that you are listening or watching. These many features can make it easy to get used to it.

PlayBeatz Features

There are various benefits of Playbeatz Ear-in Bluetooth earphones. There are many chances of an ear-in Bluetooth earphone to fall but these earphones are made of the quality that slipping down has very fewer changes. The earphone can be enjoyed only through its sound quality and this product can manage to create the same sound expected by the customer as it is powered with V4.2+ EDR for superb sound quality.

Playbeatz Earphones

Not only this but it also has noise and echo cancellation for better sound in crowdy places. It is compatibility with iOS and Android. Battery life is a massive 500mAh which can provide you an uninterrupted playing time of 3-4 hours and 180 hours of standby. It supports the latest Bluetooth version 5 for a stable, clear and uninterrupted network. 

Is it recommended? 

Choosing a Bluetooth earphone is very difficult as you have to see many factors before buying it. Some can stay up to your expectation but some cannot. In this case, you cannot determine whether which product is trustworthy.

But Playbeatz Bluetooth earphones are a trustworthy product and a must-try product as it serves every requirement a customer is held back from different companies. This is a recommended product as it serves you everything at such a low cost which no companies can get compared with.

PlayBeatz Price

The pricing of a product is an important factor in buying it. The original price of these Bluetooth beats earphones is $66.65 but it is available at $40 after a discount of 40%. The pair of two earphones can cost you $133.30 but it is available at $74 after a discount of 44.5%. A pack of three can cost you $199.95 but it is available for $100 after a discount of 50%. A set of 4 can cost you $266 but it is available at $128 after a discount of 52%.

A set of five can cost you $333.25 but is available for $150 after a massive discount of 55%. Every customer has a particular budget for buying a product and this product satisfy the budget of most of the customer as it is priced at such a less cost. Regretting on such a great product has chances lower than 1% as it is such a great product at its price segment.


Many companies try to sell their worthless products to the customer by misleading them through various attractive advertisements and people buy them and then regret because the product does not stay up to its mark and the after-sale service of the company does not solve your problems. But you can overcome this problem by not getting fooled by such companies and selecting a good quality product from renowned companies who not only offer good quality products but also offer good after-sale service.

Playbeatz is one of the companies renowned for its quality products and after-sale service as they know the fact that once a customer is deceived from the bad product then customers will never buy a product from the company and this can ultimately influence others customers also resulting in lowering goodwill and sales of the company.

In my point of view, this is the best product at its price segment serving so many features. Buying it will be one of your best decision. Also, the offers change every day. So what are you waiting for the offers to get down? Get a new Playbeatz ear-in Bluetooth earphones for you and also for your loved ones and enjoy playing music and other content.

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