Quiet Buds Earbuds Review – Worth the Buy or NOT?

Gone are the days when you would happily wake up to hearing a nice chirping of birds with mild sunlight on your face. You will wake to an irritating alarm clock and a long and tiring day ahead of you now. This day would include so many noises to divert and distract you from the things that are actually necessary. A device that could help you block out all of the unnecessary noises from the background and just let in the important ones sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, you now have Quiet buds making this dream come true.

Quiet Buds

QuietBuds is a must-use product for any person living in today’s world. Some people find it very difficult to focus on their tasks while people are talking to each other or music is playing in the background or due to any other unwanted noise. This is when you can use Quiet buds.

Product Details

Quiet buds are great for blocking out external noise as well as allows the sounds that are actually important for one to receive. They are high-quality noise cancellation earphones with three different types of capsule cores, that can be used according to one’s needs. The commute core helps in reducing the background noise while allowing important information thru so that one does not miss what is important.

The concert core is great for ringing out all kinds of unimportant noises so that only those sounds can be heard that are really important, and finally ocean quite core blocks out everything, thus providing total noise cancellation.

The product looks very much like ordinary earplugs. Note that earplugs are not earphones. Earplugs are something that is used to block the outside noise. However, it is mostly observed that many earplugs still let the outward noise disturb you mildly. But with Quiet buds, you get complete control over which noises you want to let in and keep out.

The product comes in a black case which will also give you earbuds of three different sizes. These buds are called commute core, concert core, and the ocean quiet core. You can use these as per your convenience. Moreover, these are not only earbuds but they function in various different ways.

It is made up of high-quality aluminum and has been given a stainless steel appearance which makes them look really hi-tech and modern. This also gives them a huge life span and durability. These also feel more comfortable than other earplugs. Its size is also similar to that of any normal earplugs you use. The earbuds provide an S, M and L size making sure it fits everyone.

How Does It Work?

The working of Quiet Buds is really simple. There is nothing specific you have to do in order to get it working other than just wearing it. You might need to switch the core filters as per the sound blocking is required. The three different cores give varied kinds of sound blocking.

The commute core, as the name suggests blocks out all the annoying traffic noises. You will not have a headache from the constant buzzing of horns or the metro’s zip zap. It effectively blocks out all these annoying sounds at the same time letting other necessary sounds in.

The concert core helps you in lowering the actual decibels of a sound. You can wear these to an actual concert and need not worry about getting your heart rate high due to the decibels. These cores will get the volume down and let you enjoy the concert in a medium and healthily acceptable way.

The ocean quiet core is the best of them all. It is used by people who are into yoga and meditation. It helps you in blocking out all of the noises and gives you a complete calmness. You can use this to get a quick mental break from your daily busy schedules.

Quiet Buds Benefits

Quiet buds are like any normal earplugs. They are very compact in size and thus, easy to handle. You can take them anywhere with you. This allows you to use them even at your workplaces or while on a vacation out of the station.

A high-quality material assures that no harm comes your way. You will feel completely comfortable working with these earplugs. The silicon made cores allow smooth and efficient working. It does not irritate or burn the inner skin of your ears like many of the fake products might.

In one product, you get three functions of different kinds. This is like the best deal for you. It is surely a long time investment as you can continue to use the other two plugs even if one gets damaged. In addition to this, the size difference and the unique functions of each core gives it an edge over any other product.

The ocean quiet core actually allows you to block all of the unnecessary noise from the background but would let the sound of a person directly addressing you in. This facilitates a healthy conversation while eliminating the entire unnecessary chaos.

It provides mental peace and mindfulness for disturbed and stressed people.

Is It Recommended?

Yes! Of course, it is recommended! In the world full of increasing population, you will surely be annoyed with everyone and everything around you and that is totally justified with the hectic lifestyle we all live. Sometimes, you don’t need anything else but just some time with yourself. You just need peace. You don’t even want to plug in your headphones and listen to some music. You just need utter silence and a sense of calmness. Quiet buds are recommended for anyone who just related to everything written above.

Quiet Buds Review

Practically speaking, these buds are actually used by yogis and people who have a routine in mindfulness. They would always recommend using Quiet buds for anyone facing regular stress, disturbance, lack of attention or focus. Quiet buds allow you to listen to a moderate level of outward noise which maintains a balance between complete isolation and necessary conversations.

There are many reviews that are posted by the users of Quiet buds. You can check then out on the official website. This would allow you an insight into the real-time working of quiet buds and would help you trust it. The working of Quiet buds is just as it is mentioned even though it seems impossible. You can only determine after trying it out whether you actually like it or not. So go ahead and make it yours!

Quiet Buds Price

The product can be bought online only. Other websites selling similar products at a lower cost are noting but cheap replicas. You might not receive the original benefits from such products. Hence, it is recommended that you purchase Quiet buds only from the official website of the product in order to avoid any fake products. The website allows you to buy the product in bulk and also gives you suitable discounts.

You anyways get a 40% discount while purchasing a single product but if you purchase more than one product, the discounts work as follows :

  • 2 products – 45% discount
  • 3 products – 50% discount
  • 4 products – 52% discount
  • 5 products – 55% discount

All these discounts are reason enough to buy quiet buds! Moreover, if you buy these in multiple pairs at a time you also get free shipping. Otherwise, the shipping charges (8,95€) are added.

In addition to this, if you purchase this product in some selective days, you also get an optional lifetime warranty. This allows you to exchange the product when damaged at just 10 euros no matter how long you have used it. There are also multiple options for payment. You can use PayPal or credit card. It is also certified as secured for online banking. So you can completely trust the process and just go for it.


Quiet buds are a necessity for today’s hectic and tiring routine. It is for everyone who is just working 24 hours a day and has forgotten their real selves. People who love a quiet time while they are traveling, those who like to blast their music when working out or even those who want to enjoy a concert at their own volumes are all interested in Quiet buds.

You will find that this product has not been criticized which is very surprising as products like this are instantly criticized by its users online. However, this adds up more in the reasons why one should buy Quiet buds.

Quiet buds provide you with a lot of benefits unlike the regular plugs made up of plastic or foam. This isn’t just about comfort anymore. It is about mental peace and mindfulness, the ability to focus and pay attention to the task at hand.

The more silence you get, the better and the faster can you get your work done. Quiet buds are something that should be used by everyone because who does not require some time alone in the everyday schedule? You should totally give them a try and make sure you post your reviews on their website!

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