TrustyCharge Review – Worth the Buy or NOT? Find out!

During the bygone era, people never had television or computers! Instead, they had a radio. It was the sole source of entertainment for them and thus, it acted as a savior for many! Radios have been there in all of our lives for multiple decades now and still, after all these years, people love listening to it.

Presently, people have started relying on multiple applications for getting news and a list of new songs. However, later on, everyone ultimately switches towards Radio.

It is because, this device is way too entertaining and also, it hails with many benefits. The traditional and regular radios have been dependent on electricity. In case of a power cut or a storm or something similar, people love to listen to the radio.

They can get updates on the weather conditions and also entertain themselves with the songs played on various radio channels.  People need a radio that does not depend on electricity and can be their companion in such situations.

About TrustyCharge:

Mentioning about the most perfect radio that you wouldn’t have even imagined exists, and not taking the name of TrustyCharge stands unjustified. TrustyCharge is a dream come true for many people. It is because this gadget is much more than just listening to songs and news.

TrustyCharge is a radio that you can take anywhere you like. It is quite compact and its compactness makes it highly portable. You can listen to both AM and FM with this amazing radio. It also has a flashlight that you might want to use when the power goes off. This radio does not need electricity to work.


It has its own battery which has to be charged regularly. You can simply keep it under the sunlight and it will charge by itself. From a gym to a sports practice, from your house to your office, from a shop to a train, you can easily carry TrustyCharge with you and listen to the radio. The signal reception of the TrustyCharge radio is quite exceptional.

The signal reception of the antenna has been tested in all kinds of weather conditions and the reception has been strong in all situations. So, if you live in places where it rains all the time or where the risk of an incoming storm is high, you might want to get your hands on TrustyCharge.

Specifications of TrustyCharge:

If you need to know about the different specifications and other relatable details of TrustyCharge, you can have a look at the same below:

  • Dimensions: 128 x 60 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Waterproof rating: IPX3

You also get four types of USB cables:

  1. Mini USB charging cable
  2. Smartphone USB adaptor charging cable
  3. Smartphone USB head adaptor
  4. Keep safe wrist strap

Pros of TrustyCharge:

Since TrustyCharge is a top-notch gadget that hails with a good number of unimaginable features, it is accompanied by a good number of advantages. It is because it is created keeping the users’ comfort in mind.

  • TrustyCharge does not require electricity to work. You can listen to the radio anytime anywhere.
  • It works properly in all weather conditions. So, you need not worry about your entertainment when the power goes out.
  • It also has a flashlight on it. So, you can turn it on in the dark. Press the on-off button to turn on the flashlight.
  • TrustyCharge is solar powered. Again, you do not need any batteries and electricity to charge the TrustyCharge radio. There are solar panels present on the radio that generate solar energy.
  • It comes with four different USB cables to connect to different devices.
  • TrustyCharge is a hand-cranked radio.
  • This device is eco-friendly as well.
  • Another pro of TrustyCharge is that it is water-resistant.  
  • It is made of high-quality materials. It feels like a high-end device.
  • The sound system is of high quality. The sound quality is extremely high and it is also quite sharp and clear.
  • The signal reception is quite great. The antenna will easily receive the signals even when it’s raining or during a storm.

Luckily, you are not at all going to gain much information about the cons associated with TrustyCharge. Having no disadvantage surely proves this device as a product that is worthy of your time and money too.

How to use TrustyCharge?

The most important and primary benefit of TrustyCharge is none other than the ease of use. It is not at all complicated to use TrustyCharge. You just need to follow some simple steps and you are good to go with its usage. All you need to do is:

Switch on TrustyCharge by pressing on the on-off button and extend the antenna on top of the radio. It is quite simple to use and the functions are easy to understand. You can also use the flashlight.

All you have to do is press the on-off button present on the top of the radio. Whenever you need to charge the radio plug in the USB cable to the adapter and then you can easily charge it. Just put it under the sunlight and it will get charged.

Price and availability:

It’s highly surprising to note that such a product is prevalent at a competitive price. Thus, we can say that TrustyCharge is quite affordable. It costs you approximately 49.39$ for one TrustyCharge. But you can always get it at various discounts. You can get even more discounts on buying more than one TrustyCharge.

You can buy the TrustyCharge radio online from the manufacturer’s website. We are recommending you the same since buying from the manufacturer ensures the authenticity of the product.

You can make the payment through PayPal. Credit cards can also be used to make payments.  It is completely secure to make your payments on the official website of the manufacturer. You are signing up for a great quality product.

On the official website itself, you can find exciting offers and discounts. There are a lot of fake products and dupes out there on the other websites. So, to maintain its authenticity, be sure to order the TrustyCharge radio from the official website.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews and ratings of the TrustyCharge radio have been exceptionally positive. TrustyCharge offers you all the things you could ever want in a radio. One of the customers, who is a grocery store owner, feels that the TrustyCharge radio is quite compact and meets all his expectations.

What he likes the best about TrustyCharge is that it does not require electricity. Many times there have been power cuts in his neighborhood and he could not listen to the radio because his old radio was dependent on electricity.

He searched online for solar-powered radios and then after reading the positive reviews, he decided to buy TrustyCharge. He has been using TrustyCharge daily for a month now with no problem and complication.

Another customer of the TrustyCharge radio lives in an area which is known for its terrible weather. Every other day there are power cuts and storms, especially in the rainy season. So she needed to be up to date with the current and upcoming weather conditions.

She bought TrustyCharge for that reason mainly and it worked wonders for her. She also found the flashlight attached to the radio quite useful when the power goes out. She informed us that the signal reception is pretty great.

Even during storms and rains, the signals were very well received and the sound quality was also great. There have been similar positive customer reviews. The customers love our product as well as our services. People use TrustyCharge radio almost everywhere.  

Overall, this product has got a plethora of good reviews and thus, it is majorly favored by the audience worldwide. With its easy to use, surprising features and a good number of benefits, you are also going to gain much satisfaction. The users have been satisfied and also, they are happy on noting that this product comes with a good offer in return for the money that they invested.

Final Verdict:

TrustyCharge is a miracle device. It is an upgrade to the traditional and regular radios. The best thing about TrustyCharge is that you do not need electricity at any point. Whether you have to listen to the radio or charge the device, you are never going to need electricity. TrustyCharge is a solar-powered device that makes it eco-friendly too.

Most radio systems have a prerequisite of electricity. But this problem has been solved for you by TrustyCharge. It also has a flashlight attached to it which is quite unusual when it comes to radios. The flashlight too does not need electricity.

This radio is compact and highly portable. You can easily carry it. In all, I think that TrustyCharge is worth every penny. As the majority of people listen to the radio, everybody should have it. You can also give it to your family and friends. So hurry up and go get your TrustyCharge now!

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