Vita Hair Brush Review – Find out if it works or NOT?

Vita hairbrush comes from the USA and was developed there. Vita hairbrush is a laser hair simulator for healthy hair. It is a kind of device that keeps the scalp equally healthy. It works electrically. It is helpful at the onset of hair loss as it provides a pleasant massage to the scalp, stimulating hair follicles to grow better and stronger.

It adds to the removal of any dandruff to rid the scalp of excess sebum and dirt. It allows the scalp to invigorate and breathe again. It also acts as a stress buster as it gives a soothing massage that helps relieve headaches and stress. It is a device for men and women who want to get rid of unwanted hair fall that has occurred way before it should.

Vita Hair Brush

Vita Hair Brush is a revolutionary laser-based hair stimulation device that improves the thickness of the hair as well as promotes a healthy scalp. It runs on electricity and helps in providing extraordinary massage to the scalp that helps the hair follicles present there to grow and become healthy, and removes the presence of any dandruff from the same. It allows the scalp to remove the dead cell, thus helping to breathe more easily while providing a peaceful head massage.

Product details

Vita Hair Brush uses scientific technology. As we have already discussed, this device makes use of a low level infrared cooling laser beam to make sure you rejuvenate and restore a healthy set of hair strands. Your hair will be not only healthy but seem like new and stay thick and strong. This therapy makes use of light energy in the form of laser diodes to deal with the scalp thereby revitalizing all the cells. It also provides relevant nutrients and oxygen that the hair follicles require to rejuvenated your hair strands.

Apart from this, it also stimulates the required cell metabolism thereby reducing Dihydrotestosterone. It has a major role to play when it comes to hair loss. Further, it can also happen by driving Adenosine Triphosphate which will lead to improved hair growth.

This energy is bound to stimulate the deeper regions of the hair follicles regenerating the cover of the same. The experts approve of the fact that it effectively nourishes the roots making hair filament and follicles thick.

Clearly, it is a groundbreaking device that helps us improve the blood circulation by making use of the bio stimulating vibration technology that it currently uses. When the infrared energy and this wave functionality combines, the studies revealed that there will be increased their strength apart from just the growth and it eventually stops the hair loss and shows in improvement in the hair texture as well.

How does it work?

If Vita hairbrush is used regularly to massage the scalp, it improves the circulation of blood flow throughout the scalp and the blood that is circulated is more oxygenated. This leads to healthier nutrients in the scalp and stimulates the production and helps inducing collagen on the skin. This provides a route to highly improved distribution of nutrients in the hair follicles. This moisturizes the skin and effectively decreases hair loss.

Vita Hair Brush Benefits

Pros include easy usage as the product is comfortable to use. The user can use his index finger and middle finger to hold the brush with the utmost comfort. The grip of the brush provides enough friction making it way too easy to use. It is designed to promote hair growth. The main objective of manufacturing this product was to improve hair growth and quality. The user can use add-ons like oils or shampoos to yield better results in less time.

Adding more to its benefits, it decreases the tangling of hair. Vita hair brush helps in detangling hair with less pain. Its smooth and flexible rubber tips make it easier to detangle the hair with less pain.

Furthermore, it stimulates blood regulation and moisturizes the scalp. With pros, cons come along which include, primarily not up to the mark vibration to yield overnight results. Secondly, the problem is changing the batteries of the device from time to time. Although it requires very little power to work, it would have been better it was designed to be rechargeable. It is known that with pros there come cons as well but in this case, pros outweigh cons.

Is it recommendable?

Most of the people who have used the product recommend others to use it also to get healthy hair and scalp. It’s long and smooth rubber bristles help in reaching the roots of the hair making a big impact on dandruff and hair growth by stimulating the circulation of blood. It provides a soothing massage that convinces a user to use the product at regular intervals as it also helps in reducing stress, tension, and anxiety leading to a healthy body.

When it is used with oils, it provides relaxation to the users. Vita Hair Brush is made with the help of a cutting-edge micro-laser technology that eliminates the DHT hormone which weakens hair and makes them fall. After regular use, the user can feel how the Vita hairbrush gives strength to hair and scalp and gives back all the healthy nutrients which it has lost. There are cheaper alternatives available to Vita hairbrush, but in the matter of hair, only good and well-rated products should be used for the best results like Vita hairbrush.

Vita Hair Brush can be carried while traveling as it is battery operated and easy to carry and use. It is suitable for all hair types so that everyone can use the product. It should be cleaned after every user so that no residues are left on the hairbrush and affect its working.

So, if a hairbrush can bring in so much to the peace in your mind, then there is not a reason to not try it. On the other hand, the disadvantages or less to nothing. Reportedly, the users have stated brilliant results that the hairbrush has given to them. It includes relaxation which helps to relax and reduce stress.

In the long run, it keeps the body fresh and healthy as well as tension free. Also, it reduces hair fall and dandruff as it increases blood circulation leading to healthy nutrients in the scalp and roots of the hair. It promotes hair growth. Many users have experienced increased hair growth while using add-ons like oils with the hairbrush.

A recent user of this brush states that her hair has become thin considering the age which is why she decided to make use of this brush. Initially, she admitted that she had no confidence that hairbrush can solve the kind of problem she had however after the usage, she felt like she turned younger.

When this was the last thing she was planning to try after possibly try in all the pills and creams and shampoos they advertise on. Her hair as she says has become thick and luxuriant with consistent usage of this brush.

We recommend you to consult the doctor in case you feel different about the symptoms or results. If you have a condition as such, we advise you to consult a doctor first and then proceed with using the brush. Most people do not face such problems considering how easily this can solve the hair loss issue without any cream or pill.

Vita Hair Brush Price

To date, the Vita hairbrush can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. The product is delivered to customers at home. There are several discounts provided to the buyers of the product. They have introduced many discount offers like if a consumer buys two brushes at once, he can get a discount of up to 45% and up to 50% discount on the purchase of three brushes. 

The price of one brush is $99.99 and the buyer has to pay extra charges for shipping and handling. So, according to the discount offer, if a buyer buys two brushes, the price comes down to $183.99 giving a 45% discount as well as free shipping and handling. While buying three quantities of brushes, the price comes down to $249.99 providing a 50% discount along with no shipping and handling charges. There are other alternatives also which are cheap but not as effective as Vita hairbrush.


This is a kind of Brush that you don’t have to stress upon and we say that literally because of the lightweight of the product. At the same time, you can be sure of your hair grow better and the scalp being dirt-free. It might sound like a dream in the beginning however you have to use it consistently to see the kind of results we talk about. In human beings, hormones are very active all the time.

Most women face a hormonal imbalance regularly and it keeps increasing day by day. Stress gives the body more reasons to fall sick and shed hair from time to time. The hair fall can also be caused by vitamin deficiencies because the scalp and roots of hair stop functioning normally as there is a lack of healthy nutrients.

The solution to the problem is a massage. Hair massage can help in removing flakes, dirt, as well as chemicals contained in other hair products. This leads to healthier hair follicles and regains the ability of scalp to grow hair and keep the scalp moisturized.

There are no harsh chemicals and technology is used which may harm the scalp or any part of the body. There is not a single reason you cannot try this product given it is a hairbrush and there is no possible problem that it may give you. Try it once, it is worth your time.

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