Zen Cooler Review – Find out if it works or NOT?

Everyone likes summer, because of the vacations we get and the time we get to spend with our families. If something is hateful about summer, it is the heat of the summer. Because of the heat, many of us choose to stay in the home with AC turned on. Because we feel this is the best way to beat the heat, but of course it is one of the ways.

Though it is not affordable to buy AC in many houses, we still have the option of air coolers. Air coolers are the best choice for the ones who have difficulties in buying an AC. The airs through the air coolers are as cool as the air from the AC.

Zen Cooler

The air coolers were the earlier invention of the AC. but when technologies started developing, the AC was invented too. But earlier in all the houses there were only the air coolers, it was the only choice of the people. Air coolers are easily affordable even today. It is the main reason why people prefer air coolers over AC.

Well, there are other reasons too. It is because of the easy maintenance. The cleaning, washing everything is easy. Not just this, but also because it runs with water and glycol that is easily available and affordable. The air coolers usually work by the adding of water and glycol into a container placed at the backside of the air cooler, when the air cooler is switched on, the air we get through the cooler is the filtered and cool.

The air is cool because the air cooler takes in the heat from the atmosphere and the air it lets out is the cleaner version of the air is taken. But sometimes we may find this process huge and tiring. And also sometimes we may not be affordable to buy the air cooler itself. This is the reason the Zen cooler was introduced.

A Zen cooler is a small-sized air cooler, which runs with water alone. This is a very small-sized air cooler, which is easily portable and handy to use. This cooler is very much affordable compared to the larger coolers. This is also called as the personal cooler because of its tiny size.

Product details

Zen Cooler is a small and portable air cooler that uses only water and USB in order to provide efficient cooling. It is not just affordable, but also really easy to use, thus making it a highly desirable product. It is also easy to operate, unlike other it coolers and is really desirable for people who have low income. It is an air cooler, air humidifier as well as air purifier, all rolled into one. It also has a huge tank of 380ml that can provide long-lasting cooling.

Zen cooler is a recently introduced air cooler. Air coolers were introduced for all the people who are interested to have fun in the summer. But the Zen cooler was specially designed and introduced for the people who always wanted to enjoy the cool air of the air cooler or the air conditioner, but were not able to enjoy it, due to the unaffordable prices. The Zen cooler is run with the water, which makes the process easier.

And also the air cooler is very small in size. The air cooler has three-speed switches controlling in it, with which we can adjust the speed of the fan for our convenience. And the most interesting fact about the air cooler is the USB power running which means the cooler has a long life. The container which we pour water is small, but the air cooler can last up to 8 whole hours.

And last but not least, the Zen air cooler has the capacity to humidify, purify, and cool the air. The bottom of the air cooler is provided with the non-slip design, withstanding the sudden shakes or falls. The Zen cooler also provides the 60-day money return policy, so the product is trustable.

How does it work?

The Zen cooler was prepared by considering many facts in and out. The working of the Zen cooler is based on many factors like the temperature and the humidity. The test of the cooler was done and the reaction of the cooler to each factor was noted. The Zen cooler is made of a small compatible structure. On the right side of the cooler, there is a container in which the water is filled.

The container is a flat structure. It is removed by lifting it up. After filling the container with water, we must place the container back in its place. The Zen cooler is now connected to a USB port and switched on.  After switching on the USB port, the on button in the cooler itself is activated. Now the cooler starts working.

The Zen cooler contains three-speed control switches, which control the speed of the fan for our comfortability. The measured average speed of the Zen cooler is 15cm to 2.1m per second, and the minimum speed the cooler cover a distance is about 0.8m per second to 1m. The Zen cooler is a user-friendly device due to its low power consumption.

The power consumption of the Zen cooler was tested and found that the cooler consumes a power of only 6.2W at the maximum speed itself. And about the minimum speed, the power consumed is only 2W. The working of the Zen cooler not only cools the air but it also purifies the air we breathe.

Zen Cooler Benefits

  • The function of the Zen cooler is considered. The Zen cooler can cool the air through the working processes. But to the benefits of the cooler is also added the process of purifying and humidifying the air. Purifying air means, when the cooler takes in the air of the room, it contains certain features inside it, which lets out the purified of and cooler version of the air. Humidity is one of the important factors. We need humidity in the winters and the autumns too. Hence during the winters, you can use this Zen cooler as a humidifier by switching off the fan.
  • Unlike the normal coolers which use glycol with water for air cooling, this Zen air cooler uses only water for the process of cooling. This makes them eco-friendly. And also because the cooler uses only water the energy consumption is also very less. Hence this can be considered as an energy-saving device too.
  • The Zen cooler is small-sized and hence it is easily portable. Mostly the coolers are large and we tend to place them in a fixed position in the bedrooms. But the Zen cooler is very small and it is easily portable. We can change the room whenever we want.
  • The Zen cooler runs with a USB port. This is one of the interesting facts about the Zen cooler which makes us buy these. The Zen cooler can be fixed to any USB port in any part of the house. It is quite interesting that the cooler can even be fixed to the USB port of the computer.
  • The cooler provides three-speed control switches. It is an advantage for us that we can adjust the speed of the cooler to our own convenience.
  • The cooler has a high running capacity and resistance. By high running capacity it means, the cooler can run continuously for 8 eight hours with the water-filled. This also means that we can have a good night’s sleep for 8 long hours.
Zen Cooler Review

Is it recommended?

The Zen cooler is highly recommended for the people. People who have brought it to feel very satisfied and also highly recommend it to others. The Zen cooler has numerous features to buy this and very few or no reasons to reject it. The only feature which people feel could have been added is running even after the power cut.

But still, it can be run with a portable USB connector. Among the people who use this, a person says that due to its small size it can fit anywhere and it can even fit in his study table. He says that he also takes it to the office and uses it, so he no more faces any troubles in the office with the old ceiling fan.

Another person who uses it says that as the Zen cooler is portable he takes it while he goes camping. This Zen cooler can now make his boring camping interesting with the cooler.

Yet another person who used to feel that the AC was out of range for her place in the office is happy with the Zen cooler. She says that she places the cooler next to her and enjoys the cool air. She also feels that keeping the cooler nearer was no harm, as the air through the cooler is purified.

There are many more people who feel the Zen cooler is the best choice. Many even feel that the Zen cooler is best for all seasons. The cooler provides cool air for the summers and acts as a perfect humidifier for the winter and autumns.

Zen Cooler Price

The best fact about the Zen cooler is a cheap and affordable price. Like earlier mentioned, the Zen cooler was manufactured especially for the people who find it difficult to buy the AC or the regular air coolers. The price of the Zen cooler is only 49.10USD for each piece. This is the cheapest price of the Zen cooler.

Due to a special offer, the Zen cooler provides 3 Zen coolers at a price of just 196.38USD and also the offer says that if you buy 3 Zen coolers at a time you are applicable for getting a Zen cooler in free. This offer helps us to get 4 Zen coolers at the price of 3. But this is a limited period offer only. But with this offer, we can buy one for each room.


Based on all the reviews and facts, the Zen cooler would be the best choice you can make. This cooler helps us save money and at the same time, it is eco-friendly too. The Zen cooler provides many benefits like the portable size, long-lasting time, speed control switches, USB port connector, multifunctional and environment-friendly.

There are almost no reasons why we should miss this Zen cooler. And also the additional advantage of getting 4 coolers at the price of 3 is very cool. Now, with this cooler, there are no more hot summers for anyone.

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